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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Workshop

Hi Everyone
I'm getting excited already about a second polymer clay workshop (second in the series) I'm facilitating next week. I blogged about the ideas for specific jewellery designs last week and had made some samples. However, there are big changes after several meetings with members of the class. Now, it's much simpler but dealing with a couple of techniques which can be applied in the future.
I'm talking about colour mixing to create a colour palette as well as making polymer canes. The canes I'm looking at are very simple and a subtle take on 'pattern'. We will not be trying to get complex, 'kaleidoscope' style canes, I'm seeing a simple 'zebra' stripe pattern emerging. The cane aspect is in the method of merging the colours and creating a simple colour combination. I'm hoping the class will find a creative surprise when they form their 'canes'. Here are a few photos of the process I will be using with the class.
These colours are something called wasabi and antique gold (Sculpey brand) - I'm using this particular clay because it's spare in my box - Ive decided I quite like it !
The colour combinations for the actual class will be created today. I'm thinking I will introduce a raffle style choice for the class as we will have unique colours and combinations for everyone. Here are the stages I developed. I will take the class through each stage and demonstrate as we go.

I developed these bracelet samples from my clay beads.

The beads will form a simple stretch bracelet as you can see. Ive made different shaped beads to give an idea of the possibilities.
If anyone in the Morpeth, Northumberland area is interested in joining one of the workshops - please contact me to check availability ( We have lots of interest but will try and accommodate.

Thanks for reading.