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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Imitation Game - revived.

Hi Everyone
It's Imitation Game Day today and a few weeks ago I had decided (announced !) to move on from the 'Stripes' Collection , having already made plans for the next work. However, I'm back to 'unfinished business' and the Stripe Collection is back. It doesn't want to go away. Im sharing new beads, still under development but with a very clear idea of what I'm going to do with them. I have a deadline for later today, so this must happen immediately!!! 

As usual, I've got too much work going on (scrambling my brain) and had thought I needed to move on from the Stripes Project. I hadn't properly reviewed what I had done. I've now reviewed the Project and I know it's right to keep going. The break I had (last week) with my watercolour development has rejuvenated things, so there's a new enthusiasm to keep working on the Stripes Imitation Game.
Here are a few images of my latest beads 'under construction' :



These beads will form three bracelets on a wax thread with a silver clasp. I've cleaned up most of the beads and need to polish them, then string.

I do need to spend more time reviewing the whole Collection. I want to be clear (exactly) about what I'm going to do with it, as a Collection. I'm thinking I'd like to show the work and this will focus my ideas and make the project into a 'story' to share. This is about my 'way of working' ie the process I use to development my ideas into actual jewellery or other 'made' items. I want to create meaningful (to me) work and develop as an 'artist maker'. By doing this, I believe, I can spread the 'making' philosophy and help others find it too.

Thanks for reading.