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Monday, 1 June 2015

Make Art Monday - Eyes

Hi Everyone
I've had a break for half term and had intended to post a few photo stories. However, we have exams going on in our house and all plans are disrupted ! Life seems to be on hold for the whole family. It will soon be over, for now !!

Today, it's Make Art Monday again and I've been researching and experimenting with 'eyes'. The eyes for today are part of four paintings from my collection, previous paintings done over about four or five years. These eyes are minimal in terms of detail. They fit the paintings but I want to try and develop the shapes and colours for a larger, detailed view of each eye. I'm going to re work each eye and practice an upscaled, detailed version using these original examples as a starting point. I've made a new book for the job. It's a handmade book with simple white pages, sewn together and will concentrate on facial features. I like Feel of  this new book and am especially keen to show stages of my developed paintings.

Here is the range of eyes I'm using :


These eyes were drawn and coloured then painted with was pencils and acrylic paint. Over the next few Monday's, I will share my progress.

Thanks for reading.