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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Different Art Project

Hi Everyone
I've hit a bit of a distraction ! How did that happen ?

Instead of keeping up with my self imposed schedule, I'm developing ideas for a new project (for Sep in theory) to make some ART Dolls. I've had some ideas for a while but this is the way I'm going at the moment. The sketch is an idea for a style and will be made from a range of mixed media. The doll, named Vita, will be paper mâché and I'm going to prong some fabric for various other bits. I hope to add beads, paint, metal etc as I go. I'm quite excited about this project, I've  not made any dolls for a while and this is a completely new take.

Without further a do - here she is :


I want Vita to stand up, so will develop some kind of stand as part of the design.

Hopefully, I can now get back on track with the Eyes project today. My only issue seems to be packing for the Grand Tour - the holidays are very quickly passing by ! - we are usually last minute in the packing stage and it stresses me out completely. This time, I'm hoping to be more relaxed about it ! 

Thanks for reading.