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Monday, 20 July 2015

Make Art Monday - Holiday Edition

Hi Everyone
It's the very beginning of The Big Summer Holiday today. The first day of the school holidays marks a change in routine and a general 'lazy' approach to life ! Not sure we can get much more lazy, I've been practicing for a few weeks now, already !
However, having said that ..... this Summer will be one project long ie Where are we now ? I've been featuring this project on the Make Art Monday Series so it's not new but I'm going to spend my precious ME time on this project. I will dip in and out of other projects but 'the eyes' thing will be the thing. Here is a little update on where I am with the project. 
Here is a look at the original four dolls at the centre of the piece as they are now :


The dolls all have a name and they are begining to have some new eyes. Here are the eyes I have :


and here is another eye - yet to be named 


I'm almost convinced this eye will be for Alison.

I will keep going for a few weeks on developing eyes and will plan for an eye - a day. However, over the holidays we tend to be busy and who knows what will happen ? My posts will hope to be more photo stories although they sometimes get difficult if/when we go away to remote places. I will try my best.

Thanks for reading.