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Friday, 24 July 2015

Completely Different Art

Hi Everyone
I've been particularly naughty and have allowed myself to be distracted again ......... My intention for this week was to work on my Eyes Project (read back for details) but .............. !
However, I've especially enjoyed myself and that's what it's all about ! I've been making little beaded bracelets. I had this idea for a Making Framework Workshop a few months ago and thought I would prepare some samples and get supplies etc. Somehow, I needed to get going yesterday.

There are a few ways to make the Daisy flower shape but the simplest way (for me) has worked a treat. I've made a few single strands in various colours - just using beads I had in my very large stash. Many of these beads have been in the drawer for years and I'm never quite sure what I've got. So - most pattern combinations made themselves as I found beads. 

Having made a few single strands I think I will combine a few strands and made a multi strand bracelet with a single fastening.
The fastenings are the tricky bit for me. I like a simple clasp and am never sure about how to attach clasps in a clean and secure way. However, I think I've found my way with this. Several bracelets use a single bead as a form of jump ring and others have a silver spacer bead. I've used sterling silver findings (made by me) and I think the silver really gives the simple beaded bracelet a lovely finish. The clasp is a simple shaped hook - this hooks over a split jump ring. Hope you are inspired to make one. There are loads of YouTube videos showing the technique - check them out. I will do a more detailed technique blog in a few weeks for the Making Framework and look at making the findings.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.