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Monday, 13 July 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
It's Monday again - the new version of Where Am We Now Series has started and work is underway. Read back several Monday's for background on this feature. I've sourced the size of paper which will inform the size of the eyes which in turn will size the face and ultimately the doll. At this stage, I think another seperate collective work will be produce a new Where Are We Now as per the original.
I've started the work with some eyes for Yvonne, although I may possibly change the recipient doll at a later date, if the eyes suit someone else. I've done a couple of sketches but will work on them again today. The general shapes and sizes are there, I just need to decide on the most suitable to develop. I've created two different styles and at the moment the bottom left eye is my favourite for Yvonne. You may remember that Yvonne only has one eye in the original and I did think about a profile idea. I quite like this and will try out some experiments today.


Here is Yvonne in the original painting. As mentioned, Yvonne has only half her face on view in the original. I will definitely develop a whole face for her.


The new eye on the right is probably closest to the original. Yvonne looks very sad and I would like to give her a more optimistic look, I'm hoping I can develop a little smile in her new eyes.

Thanks for reading.