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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Make Art - Eyes Project (2)

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on the Eyes Project again - it's the second episode. To distinguish each post in the Project, I'm going to use the number sequence. The Project will last all Summer so there will be lots.
I've almost decided on the eyes for each doll. I'm still not done on the detail of the eyes and am trying them out (drawing) in different sizes. I eventually decided creating further eyes would be just adding to further decisions (this had been my intention yesterday). So, I'm going for what we have. Each eye will get more detail and all will be larger size in the next round. In my sketches, I'm going to decide which bits of the eye are specific to each character and why ? Not sure why this is important but I do feel eyes really define the face and allow a particular characteristic to be seen. I'm not even sure how this will work ? Will update you tomorrow.

Here are the dolls with their proposed new eyes :



Thanks for reading.