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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kit Day

Hi Everyone
Today, it's another Kit Day. I've chosen a mini embellishment kit for this weeks kit. The kit is called a Journalling Scrapbook Embellishment Kit. The elements of the kit are die cut letters (up to 25 requested letters), labels (10), circles (10), paper corners (5), buttons (5), embroidery floss (1m), kraftcard hearts (3), die cut paper brackets (3 pairs),paper envelopes (3), paper flowers (5). Each little pack is colour specific (5 colours) and all elements co ordinate with a mix of plain and patterned papers. I'm not sure exactly how to package the packs but I like the idea of a Pick & Mix idea. The identified element could be a range of options and personally packaged ? Here is an example gift pocket with the idea - 

 I'm in the process of producing little sample pages using the embellishments and will work on themed elements to compliment the next development.
These little kits are supporting some Making Framework Workshops and will create a number of larger kits (eventually). I'm also working on some starting scrapbook Journalling projects which give detailed ideas on starting and making a little book for the job. The Making Workshop (held today) experimented with making the books and everyone managed to get their book constructed. We will work on ideas for making a felted cover for the book and will include this in the various kits which will support the work. Next week, I will have some pages to share using the embellishments.

Thanks for reading.