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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everybody
The Making Framework continues today with the second episode of a scrapbooking/Journalling project. Last week we created the actual book and pages of the book were stitched into a card cover. Along with creating the content, I'm developing a felted cover for my scrapbook. At the moment, it's in development phase but I've taken inspiration from Shibori (read back to last Friday for more on this subject). It's not Shibori at all (no dying involved) but I'm playing with the idea of the patterns. My fabric for the cover is too small and I need to develop another section. I will use this as a design opportunity, I did know the size would be tight. I'd like to be able to make the cover into a removable sleeve. I've used a piece of pre made white felt with a needle felted layer in blues and whites. I think I will try and use the Shibori patterns inspiration to extend the size of the felt by felting extra piece to each side.


I've also created a small flower to add to the project - not sure how but I see it as an addition to a bookmark style item.


We talked, in the workshop session last week, about the process of scrapbooking and the possibility of a structured exercise to allow for new scrapbookers to confidently start their pages. As a result, I've come up with a little exercise which can begin the development of a page(s) around  a specific memory or subject. The exercise can be used a few times (as a learning tool) or can be a standby checklist each time a page is created. I strongly feel that there are no rights and wrongs when scrapbooking but sometimes a practiced 'procedure' can help creative ideas flow. Many people seem to get a 'block' when trying to decide how to get going. My exercise starts with the idea of 'inspiration' - this is what I'm calling the subject/content of the  scrapped page. The exercise is a questionnaire style sheet with some spaces for answers. 

These answers, then form the content of the page. I've added a page of notes to accompany the exercise with more information and examples so hopefully the sheet can be used by anybody (in or out of the workshop). The exercise is effectively a plan and as such is subject to review and changes. It's simply a 'tool'. As you can see from my sample featured above, I've crossed out and added notes as I used the tool. It was helpful in completing the detail on my first pages. I will be adding the tool to a scrapbook kit to be featured tomorrow. Read more about this, tomorrow.

This project will keep going for a few weeks and will develop as I work on it. I'm quite excited about my little scrapbook and will enjoy developing the content.

Thanks for reading.