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Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Imitation Game

Hi Everyone
It's Imitation Game Day today and I'm sharing a photo of the whole Starburst Collection. I've not completely finished because I've been waiting for some additional (possible ?) spacer beads to add to at least one of the colours. I thought, perhaps, the yellow bracelet needed something else and I wanted to make a faux chain from the same spacer beads. I will experiment.
Here is a look at the Collection showing how I've used the different canes.


Over the last few weeks I've focused (each Thursday) on specific coloured canes and the beads I've produced - look back for more detail and more photos. Next time, I should have all items in their prototype packaging and ready for production.

Moving on ....... I have a new Imitation Game called the Carved Collection (not happy with this name and still can't decide on a replacement ? - I need to consult my team !)
So far, I've had a disaster with my carving. I'm not very good with the carving process and have ended up with a complete mess. The carving process looks easy but it's incredibly difficult to get the look I want. I've tried in 3 seperate sessions to find a way and am ready for another having put the prepared round beads in the freezer overnight. I've also read about examples of using unprepared clay (straight from the packet) but this doesn't appeal. I'm sure unprepared clay will crack and be rather weak. Here is another look at some Inspiration stuff from Pinterest. You can find the details about each photo on my Imitation Game Pinterest Board.


Wish me luck today with my carving ! I will report my success ! ........... next time.

Thanks for reading.