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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
It's a workshop day today in The Making Framework. It's the second in our scrap booking/journaling series. We are currently developing the scrapbook/journal double page using a little exercise I've devised for the purpose ( read back to Tuesday blogs for more details).
I used the exercise to develop my own content for the first few pages and will use it to go for another page in the workshop today. My new page will be about The Making Framework and will help me to present the idea to potential funding groups over the next few months. I want to make sure the exercise works so will use the workshop opportunity to refine the process and take feedback.
Last week I mentioned developing a cover for the scrapbook. I've developed my cover and here it is :

I've also developed my double page from last week by adding new elements and changed lettering. I feel it's almost there. I will add detas in the workshop today and feel it's often a good idea to develop scrapbooks and journals over a period of time. The value of review is important for me - I usually make a much better job if I review several times.. Here is a look at where I am with the double page.

I will post my changes after the workshop today as well my new page. I'm  not sure what will turn out ?

Thanks for reading.