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Friday, 10 July 2015

Recommend a Blog Day

Hi Everyone
My blog recommendation today is a great blog from a company called Paperartsy. This blog has several sections which focus on rubber stamping and craft supplies. This site has a certain style, which I like, and the range of stamps is extensive. The site also has a number of YouTube videos showing how to use many of the products, I especially like this aspect. I really like the stamp and die cut items and use them often. Here's a quick view of how the site looks which gives an idea of their style.


I'm signed up to receive a newsletter style updates and news, again full of advice and tips on using the products and new items to be available. The company produces their stuff here in the UK and they sell via the online shop and in a number of selected retailers all over the world.
I also read their blog ,lots of wonderful ideas and photos of how to create lovely items using the Paperartsy range. I've bought a number of stamping sets and use them often. The quality is good and the images have a great style.
 I've often considered buying a range of metal crafting items - thin metal sheet and associated tools. The Paperartsy blog features this material/tools regularly and I'm tempted to buy, every time I see it. The only thing which stops me, is the huge amount of stuff I already have. I would need to buy all the bits available to make the most of the metal crafting ideas. I'm not far away ...... the next time I have some spare cash I will be tempted again ! Not sure how long I will be able to resist.
Another great resource from Paperartsy is their Pinterest Board - there's a link from the website. It's full of amazing ideas and inspiring collections of work. 

I hope you will be tempted to visit the site and the blog.

Thanks for reading.