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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping to plan my knitting/crochet accessories today. I've done a little research on shapes and will get myself a Pinterest board to collate my ideas for inspiration. Read back last week for details of this project. I'm going for little houses as my first idea. I hope to develop a prototype for a crochet bag today. The accessory I'm starting with is a button which I will add to the finished bag. My bag has leather straps and will be made from T Shirt yarn in  red. Here is a quick look at the project :


Other news - I've been working on a new ring collection and have come up with a prototype green version. It doesn't sit with the now famous Green Bead Project (read back for more on this) so I'm going to make one that does. Here is the ring which I'm calling 'Vita'


I'm pleased with the shape of this new ring and it offers a few different options because it's quite large (even for me). I want to mix some green colours and apply the similar surface pattern as the Green Project beads. 


Thanks for reading.