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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
My recipe today is a soup - it's a new one completely (to us) and I'm not sure what response we will get. I'm trying it out today - so the jury is out.
I love the idea of these ingredients but the boys will probably question the whole idea !

Everything about it appeals to me. I like lentils and love coconut in all forms. Love the colour too.
I will put a link here to the recipe page , it comes from the BBC Good Food site recipe here . You may want to try out the recipe before I report back.

I will apply the usual tests is how easy to prepare and clear up afterwards (for me) and what do the boys think about taste. They are on a bit of a 'downer' re soups. I almost always dish up soup from October to May for lunch ! As its half term holiday - they are here on a week day and don't usually have soup for lunch. I make all our soups (mostly) 'from scratch', so don't see the complaint ! I also try and incorporate lovely breads and garnish items to accompany. Good deal, I think !!

Will give the results next time with some chat about the recipe and the process.

Thanks for reading.