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Thursday, 11 February 2016

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Last week, I mentioned trying out leftover beads to develop some polymer beading stretchy bracelets. The beads types are almost there. I've chosen the initial five bead types - see the samples below.


I'm hoping I can keep developing a range of colours and textures for quite some time using these particular beads. Each week, I'm planning to develop a new batch and I will keep a record of colour mixes, shapes and sizes. I will, of course, share my developments and post samples as I experiment.

I've also been making some seed bead bracelets (for my shops) which can be developed in the same way as the stretch bracelet idea ie either ready made or in kit form. My first idea is a multi strand bracelet using a sort of Gate clasp. The clasp allows three strands of beads to be attached to a really pretty clasp (little hook and ring required) and is a simple make, so accessible for most makers. Here is a quick look at the idea.


These type of clasps are available with many more rings to attach more strands and give a wider bracelet, I will be experimenting with the widest I can find.

I'm taking a little time to develop these bracelets along with pretty packaging and plan to keep these pieces in my collection long term. I can change bead sizes, shapes and colours but I'd like to create a signature range which I stock all the time.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.