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Friday, 19 February 2016

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm introducing a plan to develop some broach pins. I recently saw some lovely examples in a local gallery (made from porcelain) and thought I would love to make some similar items from polymer clay. I'm hoping to develop a surface patterns using similar clay I'm using for beads identified in last weeks post. I have 5 different designs of beads and will develop a broach per bead clay. The shapes I like are based around a simple circle style. I've been playing with layering the shapes and will make a few prototypes to decide which to go with. Here is a quick look at my experiments so far :

The colours and patterns are not necessarily what I will end up using but they are loosely based on my pebble bead sample, the green one in the middle is a possible idea for transferring one of my Gelli prints onto clay. I'd also like to make some hand crafted silver pins to attach the broaches and some pretty boxes to display them.
I'm also considering using smaller versions of these broaches to attach to knitted items and will also add a few with button holes for stitching. I have a little knitted bag which can act as a Guinea pig for this idea.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.