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Monday, 15 February 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing my Gelli print paper from last week today. As described last time, I planned to decorate a little cuff bracelet box with the print. I didn't have a plan so decided to die cut some circles (the cuff bracelet suggested a circle to me). I simply cut out circles and placed them in positions which I found pleasing. The colours reflect the actual cuff bracelet and will act as a storage box for the piece. I hope to be able to identify the bracelet at a glance (while in the box). My only problem is that there is no distinguishing marks on the sides of the box and I will probably stack it, so I will need to add something to the side.


This is the bracelet I've placed in the box :

My Art today will be to decide on how to move forward with the fabric print I started last time (read back last Monday for details). I want to add some embroidery to my fabric Gelli print but need to develop a plan. I like the idea of trying out some hand and machine embroidery and adding a frame to the piece. I don't think I want to overwork the piece but add a layer of something ? Will share my ideas next time.

Thanks for reading.