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Monday, 8 February 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a print today (from last week). This is one of the initial Lino prints of Anna on fabric using the new large Gelli plate.


I like the outline shape of Anna's head and feel Inwould like to develop the print with some freestyle sewing (using a sewing machine). I'd like to identify some hand embroidery stitches too. I've an idea about embellishing with gold thread and gems ? I'm not entirely sure about what to do ? but I like the idea. The colours and the surface textures of the print (using separate printed layers) work well for me and I think, the piece,will provide a good basis for these elaborate embellishments I have in mind. 
I'm also considering an elaborate gold frame - much of the time, my work is displayed without a frame but I think, in this case, a frame would work. However, much more to do before any thoughts of displaying !
Back to today, I'm going to use some other Gelli print work to embellish a small card box. I've created some patterned papers to use as for this purpose and have used similar colours to a piece of polymer clay jewellery, destined for the box. If I have time, I will try out some more more fabric prints using the Gelli plates.

Thanks for reading.