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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
This week is a holiday week for us (half term break at school) so not a usual round of activity for me. As a result, I'm going to post a few items which will keep you up to date with ongoing current projects.
Just a quick update from last time - no pictures for the Making workshop, my phone let me down ! or rather I need to organise my photo storage process properly but I will blame the phone ! I will get some good photos when we finish the bangle and box project in a few weeks time. Until then, here is a view of my workshop samples. I made a few extra items when I created the bangles. The boxes have their little felted mats, I like the mats and they provide a protective layer for storage :


I'd also like to share another example of my own personal Making Framework project. I've been trying to develop my knitting skills recently. Although, I learned to knit as quite a small child, I've always struggled to complete knitted projects which I'm happy with. However, I've joined a knitting group and am enjoying some level of success. My most recent completed project is a knitted and felted bag.


I love it ! -  the bag turned out great with no mistakes and a really lovely item to use. I will share the process in more detail next time. This project has been a reminder that making lots of different things and working with a wide variety of materials really does develop skills which transfer across crafts and without doubt, make self belief and confidence an important element of the process.

Thanks for reading.