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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting back re the soup recipe from last week. This soup, Red Lentil and Coconut, was a huge success ! Everyone liked the taste and the colour was wonderful - bright green ! The green came from blending the spinach leaves rather than leaving them whole (I thought the floating leaves would instantly negatively affect the boys). I'm not sure the colour helped, initially. However, the taste was particularly good and all the soup was eaten with gusto !


There was a clear flavour of leeks and the coconut milk gave a lovely creamy texture. The soup took about 20 mins to make in total. Most of the ingredients just go into the pan and cook - lentils, grated ginger, garlic, stock followed by the coconut milk and leeks after 10 mins. At the end, add a handful of spinach leaves and whiz with a hand blender. I served with fresh bread and a squeeze of lemon. 
Look back last week for a link to BBC Goodfood recipe and a detailed list of ingredients..
The soup got 20/20 in out little scoring system and will definitely go into the book.

Thanks for reading, hope you will give this soup a go !