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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on last weeks Making Framework workshop today. The Polymer bangles we made are lovely. Some of our group experimented and will continue to develop their bangles next time but we also had a couple ready for curing. As a group, we decided on a few basic characteristics of the successful Polymer bangle - a simple and stylish bangle can be made using the 'wrapped' construction rather than other approaches. The thickness of the clay is crucial, too thick and the join is messy, too thin and the clay is fragile. The drinks can we used as  a 'form' proved to be very useful to manage the decoration as well as a great way of considering the surface pattern design. We decided the bangle construction and any clay decoration is much easier when done with non-cured clay. I will create a gallery of makes next time but here are a couple of partially completed bangles.


These two bangles both use a wrapped construction style and both have a blue base colour. The top bangle has some embedded, extruded clay  'chips'. These 'chips' have been rolled into the bangle clay before being wrapped around the form. The bangle also has a surface pattern created by a plastic embossing plate. Light Gold chalks have been brushed over the clay - pre curing. The bangle needs quite a bit of finishing but is an interesting experiment. The bottom bangle uses a similar construction technique but has lots of punched flowers creating a very pretty look. The flowers have been given some texture and are skilfully placed to use the colours throughout the piece. Again, the bangle needs to be finished. 

Everyone in the workshop had great ideas and their personal high standards inspired them to keep working on their individual designs. The group are all demanding of themselves and are real Artist Makers. In addition, the whole group, in our second year, is 'at home with Polymer Clay' and I love to see how they come up with amazing ideas (all different) .I find these workshops so inspiring to my own work.

Thanks for reading.