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Monday, 29 February 2016

From Scratch @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
I'm changing my schedule this week. I've decided I need to spend the whole week working on my Faux Turquiose project, so that's where I will concentrate my efforts. All week, I'm planning to develop my jewellery pieces using the Faux Turquiose stones. I now have two batches of Faux Turquiose stones/beads - all need polishing. They are currently looking a bit 'washed out' having been tumbled, which gives a dull, flat finish. I need to spend time polishing with Renaissance wax and a Dremel to give them their shine. 
I have some basic plans for rings, bracelets and earrings. My process will involve developing a series of sketches followed by a more detailed plan of how to form whatever piece I'm working on. I would like to combine some silver work with my Faux Turquiose so will spend more time working through how to use the 'stones' with the metal.
I'm using my usual Make Art Monday session today as a focus for my sketching and will take my time on this first job. I will share my efforts  throughout the week and hopefully I can get my little collection underway. 
At the moment, I have all the beads/stones waiting on my very untidy workbench !


I'm hoping I can work throughout the week on this project and see some good progress. I don't have a specific deadline as such but feel I need a concentrated effort over the week to really focus on this one project. I will share my progress each day as I work through the project.

Thanks for reading.