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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm operating 'holiday mode' this week (it's school half term) so do not have as much time as usual for making stuff as I'm having a rather lazy start to everyday !  However, the Faux Turquiose project is moving on. I've prepared and shaped my beads, cured them and done a little sanding on some of the darker green shades. Looking in detail, the beads are OK but need a definite shine to give them a 'gem like' characteristic. I'm considering giving the beads an hour or so in the tumbler and then shining with myDremel. If this isn't enough, I will give them a varnish coat. Here they are so far. I have mainly roundish beads for a bracelet and a beading project as well as four doughnut beads (for earring hoops).


I should have finished the project a few days ago but was yet again distracted by making some silver rings. I've enjoyed making the rings and still have more work to do (finishing/polishing) but they are just what I wanted in terms of shape. Each ring (of 3) is quite a chunky size, the outer rings are made from round  wire and the central is a square wire shape. I can wear them separately but rather like the stacked look. I'm already planning my next ring !


Thanks for reading.