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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
It's Tuesday again and today we have another Making Workshop. Today's workshop is the second in the Polymer Clay Bangle series.

 Last week we finished a couple of bangles but need to take more time finishing the pieces and spend time decorating the surface (or not ) of the bangles. Each bangle will have its own box too, so there's a bit of extra work to deal with. I will hope to get some more photos of the bangles with their boxes throughout the workshop.
Each box will also feature some little 'mats' inside the base and the lid to give the bangles protection. These mats are made from felted wool and look great in the boxes.

If anyone manages to finish their bangle and box, we can have a go at a ring technique or another simple bangle. The second bangle uses another 'rolled' construction technique which is an interesting contrast the the first. The images in the poster (above) show examples of how the decoration can work within the construction of the rolled bangles and rings. I love these colours together and the Gold clay really sets off the vibrant greens and blues.

Will share images of the items we come up with next time.

Thanks for reading.