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Monday, 1 February 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm still excited about experimenting with my Gelli Plates. I've got some backgrounds going on for future work (see my image below) but would like to develop more for the Eyes Project (look back to previous Monday's for more on this). I also need to get another Anna image (again look back to Monday's for details) for a whole new face. The image at the top suggests the side profile of a face (to me) so will try and exploit this as a starting point for the next stage. Will share my efforts next time.



I have a new larger Gelli Plate to play with so will enjoy a few hours doing that today. This new plate is bigger than my other two plates and I have an idea of using them together to give multiple layers in specific areas of the print preparation. I also want to try out a new way of applying paint to the plate using a palette knife. I have an idea that this technique will give me more control over the final print. I don't want to eliminate the creative 'surprise' of the print, just limit the parameters, slightly. 

Thanks for reading.