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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (2)

Hi Everyone
I had another rather busy day yesterday and not much time for my project and my task for yesterday didn't quite turn out as planned. I'd hoped to add some Faux Turquiose to the end of a pair of silver post earrings. As I worked on the earrings it became clear that my surface design (on the silver) would not work well with the additional Faux Turquiose tip. Ive decided that the silver posts need to be plain to compliment the pattern of the Faux Turquiose. The surface pattern on the silver and the pattern of the Faux Turquiose on the quite small earrings looked too 'busy'.
I do like the simple post earrings with their surface pattern and have started to polish them and keep them as they are ie simple post earrings. So, it's back to making another pair with a clear, polished silver post. 
I've already prepared the little support structures and will try again today with Plan B. Here is a view of how they will be constructed.

As you can see the ear post (needs to be trimmed for length) have been soldered onto the main part of the earring and I have some tiny, balled wire pieces which provide a support structure for the clay (bottom right). The idea is to solder the support structure to the silver post and cover completely with clay. The clay will then be shaped and give a seamless extension of Faux Turquiose to the end of the silver.
My Plan B for today is to make a plain silver post and repeat the design idea. The soldering is quite tricky because of the small components at either end and the relatively thick silver post in the middle. I hope I can do it without messing up the shapes. Will share my results tomorrow - good or bad !

Thanks for reading.