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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (4)

Hi Everyone
I've not got much to show for my efforts yesterday. However, I did make a little time trying to prepare my Faux Turquiose feature stone for adding some Buna cord and magnets. I've organised something which I think may work but I'm not totally convinced the Buna connection will be good enough for the job ? I want the design to be simple, streamlined but magnetic. I've carefully positioned the components to give balance and will give it a go today.


I have some more work on my rings and a couple of additions to earrings and the collection will be there !

As I inspect each item and begin to think how to photograph and present the pieces, I know, I will find things I'm not happy with. I'm going to build in  time to thoroughly complete this process, so I don't rush the process.

I'm also going to determine which bits of the collection  will go into production. Some of the pieces have worked great as a 'one off ' but not to make again.

Thanks for reading.