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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

From Scratch @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
My Faux Turquiose project is going OK. I didn't quite get where I needed to be yesterday, so I'm hoping to catch up today. I managed a stretchy bracelet and one of the pendant pieces. The stretch bracelet is complete (such an easy job) but I did need quite a few approaches with the pendant. I decided the pendant beads needed some spacers and couldn't decide if black or silver was best ? In the end, having tried both - silver was definitely the way to go. I also needed to add a bail. The simple jump ring was not enough. Here is a quick look at the progress.


 The pendant required a customised sterling silver wire with a balled end. All the beads needed more polishing to. So, I've learned I need to be more realistic in terms of design to production !

Today, I'm hoping to get a few more beads ready for the next bracelets. I need to make some silver clasps and will take time getting exactly the right shape and size. I'm thinking a form of bar and ring clasp but not sure about the dimensions or the actual shape.

Thanks for reading.