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Monday, 14 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (3)

Hi Everyone
I'm having another week of my Faux Turquiose project, this will be week 3. Progress is steady but I'm trying to find a working process which can be integrated into my other responsibilities. I have a few classes and lots of writing to do as well as being a Mum and I find myself very pressed for time. However, I've been reorganising my work bench and everything is more streamlined for working. I'm hoping I can make my way through the Faux Turquiose Collection this week. I'm not rushing things, so I will see how it goes.
I've a few images to share re the Faux Turquiose earrings with the extension (read back for more on this). Generally, the plan worked well and I do like the earrings. They need a polish and some butterfly backs and they will be complete. 


Originally, I had planned to sand the clay to give a seamless extension to the silver bar of the earring. However, this style just didn't look very interesting. The added volume of the 'seed like' end I chose instead, gives a balance to the piece and allows the Faux Turquiose to take centre stage. The central support does work well too. No glue going on and the clay feels like it's part of the earring rather than something added.

I also started the cabachon ring pieces. 


I've planned the piece in my sketch book and followed the plan so far. I've made a flat structure, measured to fit the clay stone. It's made up of two pieces of silver wire, hammered flat and soldered in a cross- like shape.  Today, I will solder the flat 'basket to be' to a ring (made last week) and fit the cabachon. The cabachon is made from Faux Turquiose and has been polished. Here it is :


Im hoping all the elements will fit together and the piece will work as I imagine. I will share an update on progress tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.