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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (4)

Hi Everyone
I made good progress yesterday with my ring jobs. Most of my ideas seemed to work well. Here is a photo story of the developments:



My first job involved making the components for the stone basket, all the bits were then soldered together and cleaned. The solder job worked well and the stone is a lovely fit. However, I'm not convinced the ring wire is right for the basket - it's much too chunky and doesn't look balanced. I'm going to do something else with the chunky ring and go for a double strand, thinner wire model for the ring part. I'm thinking about a novel way to attach the shanks. I'm not there yet.

 Lots more hammering, filing and polishing later, I had another large statement ring. This one didn't go exactly to plan. The shaping for the silver shank part of the ring was difficult to get right. I managed to get rid of some of the initial flattered ends and ended up with a poor shape, which was unfortunate ! However, when I got the ring on my finger it felt great - just my sort of thing. The stone is held in place with a simple piece of 1.00 mm wire through the middle. The wire is a tight fit and I've flared the ends in position to keep the wire in place. The ring can swivel over to give a second colour to the ring - two rings in one.

The last ring worked very well - a simple post was soldered to the ring and I chose to use the larger bead. The bead has been polished and is ready to stick onto the post. The solder went particularly well and the construction is simple and neat.


Generally, I had a good day yesterday, I've got a MAKING Workshop today so progress will be very limited. I'm hoping to string one of the toggle bracelets next, so I may get this done.