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Monday, 21 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (4)

Hi Everyone
I'm planning to spend another week on my Faux Turquiose project. It's a short week, only four days because of the Easter Holidays. I'm not sure I can complete every piece in the Collection but I will make as much progress as I can.
Today, I'm going to work on the rings. I've made the cabachon ring and the actual band part for one ring (bottom left). This ring also needs a basket to sit the stone into. I need to make a few more bands and develop the parts of the rings which will attach my Faux Turquiose stones. Each ring will have a different design so I need to spend time making sure they will work. Here is a little photo summary of the rings so far :


I do have a plan for each design but will go with whatever turns out. The ring, top right will have a drilled bar through the stone and will be  a challenge  getting the bar to fit through the silver band - I think I have a solution but maybe not ? The bottom right ring will have a single round bead attached, I'm not sure which size will work best so I've got two sizes to try. I've made a prong for the bead and need to solder the prong to the band, when it's finished. 
I will share my progress tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.