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Friday, 4 March 2016

From Scratch @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone

A rather disappointing production day yesterday ! I managed to fit one of my silver bail pendants to a Faux Turquiose stone! and it's ready for attaching to a silver chain. I also did a little bit of bead polishing and found my 2mm sterling silver wire (for the toggle clasps). Other work commitments had priority and have 'eaten' up my time but I hope to keep going with 'catching up' today. Here is a quick review of work to date.


I'm hoping to complete the toggle clasps later today.


This week of 'concentrated focus' has been a good way of moving into a new project and I will definitely use it as a way of kickstarting future Collections. Perhaps, I can plan a three day block so as to accommodate other work and give myself a more relaxed creative time.

However, I'm quite pleased with some of the techniques I've learned and used for making faux semi precious gems. I'd like to try out a range of faux gems so will start planning.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.