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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (2)

Hi Everyone
Just a quick update on progress and some ideas I have. I didn't have too much time yesterday for my project and haven't made too much progress. My priority was to prepare some silver for a specific earring design. As things turned out, I don't have the correct wire to make the shape I'd planned so changed my initial plans. I quite like my new plan and will go with it.


I took a piece of 2mm square silver and cut 2 pieces - 2cm. long. I textured the surface with a stamp and rounded the ends, a little. I've got some 0.8 mm round wire cut (for ear posts) which need to be soldered onto the textured silver. I'd hoped to find a way of including some Faux Turquiose in the mix here and have decided to add an extension to the silver using Faux Turquiose. I'm going to prepare some clay and mould into shape, cure on the silver, file and polish. To make sure the clay is secure on the silver,  I'm going to solder a small balled silver post at the contact point. This will be embedded into the clay. My plan is to simply extend the length  of the silver. I'm hopeful I can do this, it's going to be fine work ! At this stage, I want to give the earrings a mirror finish and feel this will compliment the Faux Turquiose. The little diagram below illustrates my plan.


I'm already thinking of some more ideas using this particular earring shape. I want to add some tiny bezel cups to hold some small Faux Turquiose stones along the length of the silver and will keep thinking of more ideas.

Thanks for reading.