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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (3)

Hi Everyone
A quick update on this weeks progress so far - early days but I'm moving on with my Faux Turquiose Collection as planned. Ive made another  pair of earrings using the sterling silver bar style with soldered posts. The new version has little round holes filled with Faux Turquiose. The holes are tiny but cover the front of the earrings and give a subtle blue tint to the bar part. I need to cure the clay  and then polish the whole thing to a high shine.


I mixed a new Faux Turquiose clay without any veining for the earrings, I thought the black element would not work with such tiny holes so toned down the blue with some caramel clay. I'm hoping to get a high shine to the silver post curing which will set off the blue of the clay.

I also managed (as mentioned yesterday) to solder the wire basket support to my cabachon ring. I will spend some time cleaning and polishing before I set the cabachon into the basket. I was unsure about the solder job on this one but all went very well. The Faux Turquiose cabachon needs to be slightly reshaped to fit the basket and I want to spend time on this job to get an exact fit.


My third job of the day was to develop another earring design - a hinged earring with a Faux Turquiose bead. I planned to use a length of 2mm silver wire  to form a semi round shape with holes at each end and to be worn via a wire hinge. Having hammered the ends of the silver and drilled a hole at one end, I liked the look and abandoned the original design. I've  polished the silver and will use them as a component for aother simple earring with an ear hook. I like the simple paddle ends with a high shine. I need to add some Faux Turquiose to this design and I've no idea how to do this ? I will keep working on it today.


PS  I will do another set of silver for the original hinge design tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.