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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (3)

Hi Everyone
My experiments from yesterday worked well. As predicted, I didn't have too much time but I made a range of Faux Turquiose beads for the dangle earrings. All of the various bead components will work with the silver, I'm probably going to make some more silver dangle pieces to add to the earring style, making a few more pairs of earrings.


I started making the first beads with a range of round, flat pieces of clay, using a punch cutter. Some of the beads were cured on a small glass pebble to give a cup shape to the final bead and holes were made in the centre. The final bead has a shiney surface because it's cured on the glass. The smallest version of the bead is too small to shape so was left flat. I also made a few more beads with a flattened, doughnut style shape - not sure exactly how I can use them at this stage ? - more experiments required. I'm going to try all the possible combinations of the components and will photograph each one to make decisions about which will work best.
I'm also planning to make a second toggle bracelet which uses the Eastern style Faux Turquiose. I've chosen to use a rose gold toggle for this piece. This bracelet will have a very different look to my first toggle version which uses the silver and South Western Faux Turquiose.

Thanks for reading