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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

From Scratch @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
My Faux Turquiose project is underway and I've managed to organise my 'stones' into little sections which will become pieces of jewellery. Each stone was chosen to be most suitable for an idea rather than applied to a tried and tested design. It's possible, that I may need to change my plans if things don't happen as I quite expect. Here is a quick look at the plan :


In addition, I have some earring plans which will form a second production phase. I've tumbled, 'veined', sanded and polished most of the stones. I'm hoping to construct the stretch bracelet today as well as prepare findings for the necklaces. Ive made two silver rings and I need to develop the stones setting components. Each ring design is very different, so I need to spend time working through the best way to hold the stones. Two of the stones are quite large too !
Here is a quick look at the polished ring cabachon and a single stone :


Thanks for reading.