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Friday, 18 March 2016

Faux Turquiose (3)

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing my experiments from yesterday's Dangle earring job. I made a range of Faux Turquiose beads to decorate sterling silver dangle components (made a few days earlier). All the beads worked to point, although some better than others.

The first three beads are designed to work as an additional component which can be removed or changed. Number 1 is a version of a flattered Doughnut bead and works behind the silver dangle part. I feel the hole is too large to sit where it does, so not brilliant. The bead size is Ok but I will try out a smaller holed version. Number 2, I like. This bead works in front of the silver dangle part with the post in the centre of the small cup shape of the bead. Number 3 is a tiny, flat bead. Again, this bead sits in front of the silver dangle component. I think, my favourite is (2) ?

In addition, I worked on a different way of holding a small bead on the dangle component :

The bead component in this version (above) is a fixed one. The bead is a barrel type shape with some surface lines which I will highlight. The earring post will be soldered into place in this version. The component can also take an ear wire fitting. The version on the left is made from 2mm sterling silver wire and the version on the right, uses 1mm wire. The 1mm wire is too thin to flatten and drill a hole into it, so I've added a loop instead. The beads with the 1mm wire will fit in the same way as the 2mm wire. The 1mm has a different more delicate feel to it. I had decided it was too thin but having worked with it, I do quite like it. I will use hooked ear wires for this version.


My last MAKE from yesterday is another ring. This ring is made from 3mm round wire and is 'chunky'. It's my favourite size at the moment and will have another basket (read back for my previous basket idea) construction to take a large round Faux Turquiose stone. I've had various designs in mind for the basket  and will make some prototypes today. All my polishing will need to be done again after constructing my basket but I just wanted to check out the shape and finish. I may use a brushed finish rather than a high shine ? Can't decide.

That's it for this week.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.