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Monday, 9 May 2016

Bezel Day

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm starting a new little project. I'm planning to make bezels for a few stones. I've developed some 'poly gems' as I'm calling them. These are little stones made from polymer clay, I see these as part of a simple ring. This is an experiment to see how they work. I've also got some more traditional cut stones which will make larger components.

I've got plans to make a rings, pendents and a couple of bracelets using the finished bezel components. I'm using sterling silver for the bezels and will see how they go before deciding on how to use them. I've an idea to use chain for the bracelets and pendents but this may change. Im going to make a mould from one of the larger cut stones before I use it, this will allow me to develop a few poly gems with the same shape.

Thanks for reading.