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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Welcome Freya (almost)

Hi Everyone
Freya is almost with us ! She has all her body parts. However, as predicted,yesterday, the head is not in proportion. I'm still slightly puzzled about the size - I've checked the number of rows and it should be Ok ? However, it's much too long - I think I need to loose about 3 or 4 rows from the forehead. I need to take off the top cap and redo.


My plan (today) is to resize the head, attach the arms, make some small item of clothing and develop the hair. I'm quite optimistic she will be complete by tomorrow. 
Moving on ......... I've decided, the bigger crochet project is to be given a dedicated day for development - I think, Wednesday is to be the day.  I want to explore clothing and accessories with Miss Mitchell and develop Miss Mitchell herself (read back for detail on this idea). I think, I've made silly mistakes with stitches because I've been trying to squeeze the project into a short time. I've come to the conclusion, I need to have short planned sessions where I develop specific items or parts of an item.
For now, I'm still quite excited about how Freya will turn out. The hair will be the defining job - she is to get lots of hair and I'm sure she will look great by the end of the day.
Call in tomorrow, fingers crossed she will be complete.

Thanks for reading