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Monday, 16 May 2016

Bezel Progress

Hi Everyone
I've a tiny bit of news re the bezel project. Last week proved to be challenging because of time and lots of unexpected jobs ! However, I've managed to move the bezel project to 'almost complete'. I've a small fitting job and it's done. I'm pleased with progress. I chose (no idea why ?) to make a bezel for the most difficult shape I could !!!, all sides different sizes. Generally, the job was quite straight forward. My only issue was soldering the initial bezel top. I didn't pay enough attention to cutting the silver strip which resulted in the join being difficult to solder. However, the silver was quickly re cut and soldered without any further issue. I needed to stretch the bezel, to compensate for my initial mistake, but it worked well.


I need to finally set the stone and I'm there. Hopefully, can make some time today.


Thanks for reading.