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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Crochet Dolls

Hi Everyone
I spent most of my making time (yesterday) developing the crochet prototype for my Miss Mitchell doll. I've decided to follow instructions in the My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian as a learning activity for me. I'm already considering changes in size and proportion but it's a great little pattern and Isabelle's doll is so cute, it's a pleasure to work with. 
My plan is to produce (exactly) the doll in the Isabelle's book, I'm not sure about her clothes ? Miss Mitchell needs a specific fabric dress which I will need to produce, probably a hand painted fabric in silk. I'm also keen to add some beads and other embellishments in her 'couture' dress and hair. However, for the prototype doll, I do need to decide on something for her to wear. All the clothing in the book is crocheted but there are lots of different clothing ideas. I like the bathing suit and there's a lovely little dress with a cute jacket. The book also includes lots of little accessories - my favourite is a shopping basket with leather handles; there's also cakes, teddies, hats and many more.
I need a name for the prototype doll and am thinking about 'Freya'. I know a child called Freya who reminds me a little of the photo of the doll in the book, so that's a good name for her. Here is a quick view of her head (in 2 parts) plus 1 leg and 1/2 leg. I'm hoping to complete her body today.


I'm going to try and complete Freya this week, keep calling in to check her progress.
Thanks for reading.