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Thursday, 5 May 2016


Hi Everyone
Yesterday's production was a little 'light'. I spent lots of time finishing and polishing faux Turquiose beads ready for a few more earrings. These beads were left over from the faux Turquiose project and it seemed a good idea to develop them into earrings. I quite enjoyed doing this job - not usually a favourite ! The sun was shining and I seemed to relax into my work. I'm hoping to complete all the pieces from my last 2 Collections, ready for a big photo shoot at the weekend. Here's a quick look at progress to date (with the earrings) : 


I'm going to give the new barrel polishing system a go later (read back yesterday for the barrel story). The shiney stuff in the photo is from yesterday's pile. The new stuff (on the left) needs pickling, shaping and polishing.

Thanks for calling in.