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Friday, 13 May 2016

The Making of a Bezel

Hi Everyone
I'm still way behind with my work output this week. I spent most of yesterday doing other things and work didn't happen ! However, I did have a lovely day with my Dad and did some more knitting (my cardigan from Wed. Blog) last night. 
I did spend a little time with my bezel project ie preparing the bezel materials and measuring my stone. I even got the silver ready for soldering. Today, hopefully, I will finally get my little bezel sorted. It is such a small thing to achieve but that's my goal for today. 

I'm quite keen to get going with a crochet doll project too this weekend but need to source the yarn, so I need to take some time out for that job. The doll will be based on this doll :


My version will be more like my Miss Mitchell doll. Here is Miss Mitchell for a quick reminder :


Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.