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Monday, 23 May 2016

Freya and her kit

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little news re Freya and her kit. I've has a bit of a disaster re her undies ! I must have made 6-8 pairs - all did not fit ! I've (for the moment) abandoned the undies until some specific yarn arrives. I've started on a dress. The dress looks like a mini sleeveless top at the moment and has given me an idea to make such a top after the dress is made. The dress will have sleeves and a frill at the bottom - so a bit more work needed. Here she is with extra hair extensions  and her dress 'to be' :


I've made Freya much bigger than the book doll by changing the crochet stitch and (other than that) have tried to follow the patterns (exactly) in the My Crochet Doll book. Freya herself worked in this way (I terms of proportions)but it's now obvious that the clothing needs to be redesigned. I've no problem with that and will probably go for socks, shoes, undies and some accessories (bags, hair bows etc) with a little jacket. Hopefully, I can make goof progress today.

Thanks for reading.