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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Making Workshop

Hi Everyone
Today, there is another Making Workshop, it's the second in the crochet series. We will build upon the introduction project (mini baskets from our last workshop -  check Tuesday blogs for more) and develop a couple of crochet embellishments for the baskets. The embellishments will be a heart and a flower. Both the heart and the flower are a great way to introduce new crochet stitches to the group. We will also spend some time understanding and working with a simple pattern. Often, the pattern instructions can be daunting, however, the heart and the flower are very short and I've produced a sheet which gives a simple task on each line of the instructions. Hopefully, we can work slowly, together and get there ! If we have time, there is a second project - a little purse.


The purse project will be open to lots of variations such as different colour and stitch combinations. Our Makers can work on the project at home if they are confident with the pattern. Next time we will make some special, custom polymer buttons designed to compliment the purses.
I will get some images and share photos of our progress next time.

Thanks for reading.