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Friday, 20 May 2016

Hello Freya

Hi Everyone
 Welcome to Freya. Her body is complete other than the ankles ! - I'm going to make some shoes before deciding on how I should finish the foot. She has generally, turned out very well and is very cute. I love her hair, I knew this would make a big difference to how she would look. However, I've run out of yarn and need to shop for more - she will get a few more extensions later. She does have a good head of hair but I do want more !! More hair will allow for lots of styling options !


I gave her major surgery yesterday, her head has been reduced by 1/3. It's more in proportion and I could possibly go with a slightly shorter and wider head for Miss Mitchell ?. I think, the only construction issue I have is the arms. I like the shape and proportion of the arms but the attachment point (at the shoulder) is a bit untidy.the arms are stitched onto the body just under the head position. I'm considering making the arms (ie the actual crochet) as part of the body. I think, I can develop a technique for making the whole doll as one, other than the head. If the arms were connected via the pattern of the body, the finish would look more professional. I think, a particular approach to stuffing could ensure the arms work as they do now. 
Freya, at the moment,is very much a 'rag doll' style. She could be given an internal pipe cleaner/wired framework but I think as a toy the rag doll works. Miss Mitchell (the next doll) will get this internal framework to allow for lots of photo opportunities in different little photos stories. I'm looking forward to making a few different size dolls too. I do love the size of Freya - she measures approximately 50 cms and is quite a substantial doll but I'd like to make a smaller size.
PS - I didn't manage to make Freya any clothing - just ran out of time. Hopefully, I can make her some kit today.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.