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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Crochet Distractions

Hi Everyone
I had a very lazy day yesterday. My work list was abandoned !! - I was very excited to take delivery of a couple of lovely books about making purses, which distracted me (all day). I'm developing some purse projects of my own and wanted to make up some samples to inspire my designs. I will share some ideas over the next few weeks. One of my new books uses crochet to make the purses and I was particularly drawn to a little Bobble stitch purse. I decided to have a go with this crochet stitch, new to me. It's my new favourite stitch and came together quite quickly.

The pattern for the purse is quite short and reasonably straightforward. I eventually made a little square. Here's the first line of the purse in my photo. Unfortunately, my work list is rather long at the moment so having tried out the stitch, I need to wait a few days before I can get going with the purse. I'm also waiting delivery for some little snap frames for the purse, somewhere in my house, I have some of these frames but ............. where ?

In the meantime - Freya is still waiting for some accessories. Her undies are not there yet, several pairs have been made but as you can see - all is not well. I've put together a list of essential items which will be started today. She needs shoes, socks, a jacket and a hair accessory as well as a bag. After these items are created, I will be ready to make Miss Mitchell. I'm incredibly slow when it comes to crochet but I'm enjoying the process so no problem there. I did finish Freya's dress yesterday - other than a little button. I've made a polymer button (waiting to be cured) and will add some similar buttons to her shoes (eventually). 


Thanks for reading.