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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Crochet News etc.

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm reporting on the huge success of our recent crochet Making Framework Workshops. Our current project (last 3 sessions) has been to make a simple crochet sack with some mini embellishments. All our Makers have done a great job. Most of the group had never crochet before so we were starting from scratch. Here is a selection of the amazing sacks under construction. All the completed sacks looked very different. Hopefully, we will return to crochet (in the future) and build upon the techniques practiced in this project.


Crochet seems to have been one of those skills that take a little time to learn but also generates lots of creative impulses to experiment and adapt the stitches. Well done to everyone. Next time, we are moving on to another material and another range of skills. We will start making some polymer buttons which we will then use to make and embellish things. The buttons (initially) are to be attached to little cards - waiting for the right use over the next few months. Here is a quick example of what we will produce :


I love buttons ! - I'm never sure what to do with them but I'm especially drawn to buttons attached to cards on pretty paper. I will work on the cards to make them more attractive but you get the idea from the images above. The buttons will be used over the next few workshops as actual buttons but also as embellishments. More on this project in the  next Making Framework post.

Thanks for reading.