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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Crochet Doll

Hi Everyone
I'm still 'battling' on with my crochet doll - to be known as Freya (it's official). Much frustration yesterday !!!
I decided,early on, to follow the pattern exactly. I wanted the discipline of keeping the detail and proportion of the doll - to adapt later. I must have made and remade the legs about 6 times. Each leg seemed to be slightly bigger than the other and the development of the body and legs together proved very challenging. I think it's to do with being very strict on counting crochet stitches, continually ! I felt like I was following every instruction (precisely) but I must have been increasing stitches. Eventually, I adjusted the body at the begining (where the legs connect) and decreased the extra stitches at that point - only an extra 6 stitches (3 from each leg). Hopefully, I'm now on track and can finish the body today. It's also time to stuff the legs - exciting !!
Here she is, so far :


Freya's head looks large (to me) - I will probably end up doing this again. I did count the stitches but something tells me it's not quite right ! The head is made in 2 parts - the brown part is the top where the hair is attached.
Call in tomorrow for an update. I know Freya will be great but it's a challenge at the moment.

Thanks for reading.